House of Communications worked with the New South Wales Environment Protection Agency to deliver articles promoting the Bin Trim Business Grants Program.

The Bin Trim Business Grants Program funds organisations to carry out waste assessments for small and medium-sized businesses. The assessors are funded by the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority. They undertake free assessments, produce tailored action plans and provide support to businesses to reduce waste and increase recycling.

House of Communications organised for two businesses involved in the Bin Trim Program to be showcased in Sustainability Matters.

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club used a Bin Trim rebate from the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority to purchase a worm farm that will divert 5.25 tonnes of food waste from landfill each year. Read the full article in Sustainability Matters.

With financial assistance from a New South Wales Environment Protection Authority Bin Trim rebate, co-owned businesses Pallet Collars Australia and Recycling Technologies Group have been able to implement an innovative and profitable wood waste solution for themselves and a neighboring sawmill.

They are now recovering 90% of their wood waste, reducing their waste disposal costs significantly. They are also recovering up to 3 tonnes a week of the neighbouring sawmill wood waste, greatly reducing the amount of wood that the mill needs to burn as a means of disposal. In total, Pallet Collars Australia and Recycling Technologies Group are now recovering approximately 180 tonnes of wood waste per year. Read the full article here.

House of Communications successfully organised the publication of these stories in Sustainability Matters, leading to greater publicity for the Bin Trim program and equal publicity for the businesses involved in the program.

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